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Journal: HOUSING AND RURAL ENVIRONMENT | Year:1389 | Volume:29 | Issue:131 | Start Page:27 | End Page:50



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 Start Page 27 | End Page 50


 The rural ARCHITECTURE is all about house; it starts with a house and yet it ends with a house. The rural house is quite simple and calm, but in the meanwhile it enjoys some complexity in the sense of wisdom. On one hand, the SIMPLICITY of a MUD house is visual; it comforts the eyes through to the use of simple, low-contrast, colors. On the other hand, the complexity of a rural house is mysterious; it requires deep vision and through understanding.The mysteries of rural ARCHITECTURE are being studied and glorified by those who enjoy the wisdom of understanding, however, there are many who look at this ARCHITECTURE only through their eyes and don’t see anything especial about it. They find these houses are made from cheap MUD, yet they don’t think that their sole was made by MUD to begin with.Behind the worthless materials used in a rural house, (the soil and the MUD), there is a secret message. A message which has become a MYSTERY for the contemporary man. A man who is reluctant to see or hear the meanings and/or the values of the world surrounding him. A man who is involved in his materialistic values in life, and judges everything through his misdirected knowledge. In this battle, the man finds his body more important than his spirit, and he gives more credits to the image than the sole. In this contest, the individual has been defined more privileged over the group of people, and the appearance (which is based on an individual’s preference) has become against the MYSTERY of the vernacular ARCHITECTURE of Iran. The bases of ARCHITECTURE are: the place, form, space, and the man. The place is about where the ARCHITECTURE is located on; the form is the way that ARCHITECTURE is demonstrated through and shelters the man; the space is inside or outside of the architectural form in where the man lives in it. The way the man behaves, gives meaning and content to the ARCHITECTURE. In this sense, the man builds ARCHITECTURE and the ARCHITECTURE influences the man’s being. One good question could be asked: where do knowledge, sincerity, affection, beauty, and bravery root in? Where do they grow? And where do they fertilize? This article pays a close attention to investigate about the place, the space, and the form.



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