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Introduction to center

The Scientific Information Database (SID) was established on August 16, 2013, with the goal of advancing and disseminating scientific knowledge, expanding and enhancing information services, accelerating scientific explorations, simplifying access of researchers to the latest information sources published in journals and research accomplishments, and ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of research in the country. As the only Open Access scientific information bank under the domain www.SID.ir, this extensive reference database has been in operation synchronous with the latest scientific advances for more than fifteen years, emphasizing the significance of the national knowledge management role and preserving the national scientific heritage with the dual objective of "comprehensibility and updating and offers its services to the public through libraries of scholarly works, scientific societies, and research plans, among other services. SID declares its readiness for scientific cooperation with all scientific and research organizations and institutions in the country within the framework of the aforementioned services and accepts suggestions and constructive criticism in order to maintain continual communication with the scientific societies.

Bank and citation database of scientific publications of the country (Persian-English)

Taking into consideration the significance and role of academic publications in the scientific society of the country in addition to the goal of providing rich scientific resources for the use of researchers, the bank of scientific publications indexed the full text of articles in both Farsi and English sections and created a complete archive of publications from 2000 to date.

Facilities and services:

• Introducing and indexing comprehensively the up-to-date articles of academic journals of the country (approved by the Publications Commission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and the Management Center of Islamic Seminary) and providing unlimited and free full text of articles of journals in both Farsi and English sections from 2000 to the last published issue.
• Introducing and indexing comprehensively the up-to-date articles of scientific journals approved by Islamic Azad University
• Introducing and indexing the articles of scientific journals of Iranian scientific organizations and centers
• Providing information about each publication on a dedicated page which accesses the archive section • Ability to search for names and key phrases among articles, publications, and authors
• Ability to sort search results based on the citations and references count, publication time, etc.
• Introducing and indexing the Iranian journals indexed in international reliable databases (ISI - Scopus)
• Introducing the authors of highly cited articles by year
• Introducing the prolific authors by year
• Introducing the indicators of a journal in different time frames
• Providing online service of Journal Citation Reports (JCR) divided into specialized groups and based on two common international indicators; Impact Factor and Immediacy Index

Bank of scientific conferences of the country (Persian-English)

Many specialized organizations and scientific and research centers organize scientific conferences and research assemblies to create a convenient environment for presenting new and innovative ideas, moreover to identify challenges, provide solutions, and obtain appropriate approaches. The valuable research and specialized articles of these reputable scientific societies are indexed in the conference bank of the SID available to researchers.

Facilities and services:

• Unrestricted and free access to the full text of the articles of the scientific conferences of the country with the permission of the organizers
• Accessing the conference articles comprehensively or classified into the specialized group
• Introducing and informing the upcoming conferences of the country based on key pillars, fucuses, and times as a social service to the organizers and users of scientific events for free.
• Searching articles categorized into the specialized group
• Ability to search for names and key phrases among articles, authors, and organizers of reputable conferences
• Presentation and access to short film and video articles of scientific conferences in the country

Bank of research plans and theses

Research plans and theses are the results of the valuable efforts of researchers in various fields, which after implementation as completed plans and scholarships (theses) are saved in the archives of scientific and research organizations with limited access. The bank of research plans and theses has been launched in order to announce the scientific and specialized activities of research organizations in the country and with the aim of preventing parallel work and also providing researchers access to the latest research achievements.

Facilities and services:

• Access to the abstracts of completed and ongoing Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research plans
• Access to the report of terminated plans provided by the Islamic Parliament Research Center
• Access to the abstracts of the terminated plans of organizations and scientific centers of the contracting parties
• Introduction of plans according to the specialized group
• Accessing the plans of each author on a separate page
• Introducing the research priorities of government and private scientific organizations and centers
• Access to theses sponsored by organizations and scientific centers of the contracting parties (scholarships)

Cooperation capacities

• Indexing the report of approved and implemented research plans in scientific-research organizations along with other scientific and research publications on a customized basis
• Specific indexing of the achievements and scientific productions of the scientific organizations and centers of the country
• Introducing produced and commercialized products of the research centers and organizations
• Introducing and providing information on the pillars and specialized capabilities of scientific and research organizations and centers
• Notifying of calls for conferences, training courses, and products on the most visited scientific pages
• Introducing the titles of completed plans and sponsored theses of scientific organizations and centers
• Providing and extracting customized scientific reports

Specialized services

• Native translation and editing system for specialized texts
• Specialized editing system for Persian articles, theses, and texts
• Data analysis system for scientific articles, "Depth"
• Identifying and validating system for internationally reputable scientific journals (Rank)
• Registration system for workshops and training courses and providing electronic educational videos
• Specialized blog and newsletter of the center to publish the latest news of scientific achievements and reports
• Mobile application
• Smart advertising and publishing advertorials