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Formulation of Marriage Parenting Model




 Introduction: Parents have the primary responsibility for raising their children. The impact that parents have on their children is sometimes tangible and sometimes completely intangible. These effects can be examined under the heading of parenting. Various plans have been proposed for parenting, one of the most important of which is to prepare children for marriage, and this study was conducted with the aim of developing a model for parenting marriage. Methods: This research is a combined approach qualitative study using documentary studies, Fuzzy Delphi, and field studies (interviews) in which thirty Semi-structured interviews have been conducted to collect information. Six Family and Marriage Specialists were selected by judgment sampling method, sixteen couples, half of them with marital dissatisfaction and the other half whit marital satisfaction, as well as eight of their parents were selected through a judgmental and voluntary method. To examine the content of the interviews and conceptualize and extract the categories the Strauss and Corbin methods were used. Results: Data analysis showed that fourteen indicators of gender identity, sexual education, opposite sex attitudes, body image, emotional intelligence, parenting, independence, problem-solving skills, communication skills, social capital(within and outside the family) Hierarchy, demarcation, cultural identity and moral intelligence, which are classified into five categories of educational, psychological, social, cultural and moral factors, play an important role in marriage parenting. Conclusions: Knowing the criteria and indicators of marriage parenting can help parents, couples, and family therapists to become more aware of what are the effective and appropriate behaviors and methods for marriage parenting, and as a result apply these criteria for more successful and satisfactorily cohabitation and marriage.


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    Farshi Sobhkhiz, Fatemeh, namvar, Hooman, & ZARE, ZAHRA. (2021). Formulation of Marriage Parenting Model. QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF SOCIAL WORK, 9(4 (34) ), 41-49. SID.

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    Farshi Sobhkhiz Fatemeh, namvar Hooman, ZARE ZAHRA. Formulation of Marriage Parenting Model. QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF SOCIAL WORK[Internet]. 2021;9(4 (34) ):41-49. Available from:

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    Fatemeh Farshi Sobhkhiz, Hooman namvar, and ZAHRA ZARE, “Formulation of Marriage Parenting Model,” QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF SOCIAL WORK, vol. 9, no. 4 (34) , pp. 41–49, 2021, [Online]. Available:

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