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Virtual Social Cognition, Interdisciplinary Cooperation


Haddadi Alireza




 Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary approach that claims to link the humanities such as philosophy with technical sciences such as neuroscience and artificial intelligence, and in this way, has taken a step towards human cognition and social intervention. But it is important for cognitive scientists to realize that such a connection is not easily possible, and to do so they must consider themselves the target of a discussion of the nature of Language. A conversation that literature and Technique will have with mathematics. Do literature and Technique represent two different types of epistemological foundations and therefore represent two opposing logics and two opposing Languages, or can one ask about familiarity and reconciliation between them through mathematics? The question of how the dramatic Language of literature and the physical Language of Technique, at their core, requires interaction with the Language of mathematics, and through which they can remember their unity. On the other hand, how is number expressed and mathematics can somehow be human Language? Even more fundamentally, it is necessary to ask the nature of Language whether man can basically have a single Language in the world, or whether he always feels a rift in his Language and must seek connections between its two sides. Such a decision about Language and tone also has many implications for issues such as how the world is experienced. The present article tries to trace the roots of this plan by reviewing the apparent interdisciplinary differences in the current knowledge of Cognitive Sciences and find a way to the world by using the phenomenological research tradition and design the Media as a potential way for the humanities to embrace Technique.


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