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Journal: VILLAGE AND DEVELOPMENT | Year:1396 | Volume:20 | Issue:4 | Start Page:17 | End Page:28



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The Role of Forests and Rangelands Sub-products on Rural Livelihoods: A Case Study of Zarrinabad District of Dehloran County, Ilam Province of Iran


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Zarrinabad (District)Q2
Dehloran (County)Q2
Ilam (Province)Q2


 This study aimed at investigating the role of secondary products of forests and pastures in the Livelihood of the people in Zarinabad district, DehloranCounty, Ilam (Province) of IRAN. Data collection was carried out through survey in a stratified sampling method with proportional allocation. For data analysis, descriptive statistics (including average rating, frequency distribution, and the cumulative percentage distribution percentage) and analytical statistics (including binomial test and Spearman correlation test) were used. The results showed that there was no significant difference between the studied villages in terms of the role of forest and rangelands sub-products. In every family in the village, 12. 32% of the income was produced from Utilization of the sub-products of forest and rangelands. The proportion of sub-forest products was 8. 54% and the proportion of sub-rangelands products was 3. 78%. Therefore, there was a significant and positive relationship between the exploitation of sub-products and employment, obtaining income, poverty reduction and immigration control.


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