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Factors Related to Success of Rural Production Cooperatives in the South of Kerman Province


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 The main purpose of this study was to assess the factors that influence the success of Rural Production Cooperatives in the South of Kerman province using descriptive-correlational design with the participation of 120 members of two Rural Production Cooperatives (RPCs) in the region (one successful and one failed RPCs). Therefore, participants were interviewed with the aid of a questionnaire containing both open and closed-ended questions. Face validity was confirmed by experts, and the questionnaire was subjected to reliability testing by using data collection in the pilot study with Cronbach’ s Alpha value of 0. 50 to 0. 97. Comparative analysis revealed that suitable environmental and socio-culture condition were the key determinants for the establishing stage. Findings also showed that the desirable economic, personal, structural, environmental, and socio-cultural situations were important in stabling stage. This is while; the village’ s environment, social capital, trust and cooperative structure were key determinants in the durability stage. Discriminate analysis showed that trust and cooperative structure were the most important significant factors to discriminate cooperatives. So, based on these findings, it is suggested that for empowering members in team working, some workshops and training courses need to be held. Also, it is essential to expand cooperative activities according to the needs of the members.


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