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The comparison of the effectiveness of group compassion and choice theory training on learned helplessness and self-efficacy in students


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 Background: research has been indicated about effectiveness of group compassion and Choice theory training on well-being of students but which one of this training could be more effective than other. Aims: The present research aimed to compare the effectiveness of group compassion and Choice theory training on Learned helplessness and Self-efficacy in students. Method: The current research was a quasi-experimental design with pretest-posttest and control group. The statistical population consisted of all female students aged 15-18 years old in the city of Karaj. Among them, 45 girls were selected through convenient sampling and were assigned randomly into two experimental groups and one control group (each group included 15 people). Inclusion criteria were age and studying in high school and exclusion criteria were having a specific physical illness or taking psychiatric medications at the time of research implementation. Each experimental group received eight 90-minute sessions of one of the structures of group compassion (Guillibert, 2010) and choice theory )Glaser, 2009) training, and the control group received no intervention during this period. Participants were assessed by Quinless and Nelson Learned helplessness scale (1988) and Sherer Self-efficacy scale (1982) in pre-test and post-test. Results: The results of covariance analysis showed significant differences between experimental groups together and with the control group. These differences were significant regarding Learned helplessness (p<0/001) Self-efficacy (p<0/01). Also, the effectiveness of Choice theory training was higher than Compassion training. Conclusions: Although both types of group training have been able to reduce Learned helplessness and to increase selfefficacy in students, their effectiveness has been different and Choice theory training was more effective than Compassion training.



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