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Study and Optimization of Parameters Affecting the Maximum Power Output of Wind Farms on Flat Ground


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 Background and Objective: Wind is a clean and abundant of source of energy which is completely renewable. Large wind farms are being built around the world as a way to generate electricity, but operators still seeking the most effective arrangement of wind turbines in the wind farm to maximize absorption of wind energy. wind farm layout optimization is one the way to increase the output of the wind farm. Method: In this paper, a Genetic algorithm to maximize the expected energy output was used. The purpose of the Genetic algorithm optimization of wind farm was arranged in terms of location, hub height and rotor diameter of the turbines to capture maximum wind energy and reduce the wake effect. The proposed model with two scenarios of wind speed and direction distribution of wind sites are shown on the flat ground. Results: The results of the present study were compared with the previous studies. The results showed by wind farm layout optimization of the place, the hub height and rotor diameter of the turbines, at the same time, has a better performance-in terms of the maximum value of the expected energy output and reduces the wake effect with strategies which optimize with one or two parameters simultaneously. Discussion and Conclusion: The use of wind turbines with a hub height and rotor diameter varies in a wind farm and has the benefits of reducing the wake effect and captures maximum wind energy.


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