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Distribution of Copper Concentration in Soil affected by Meyduk Mining Activities (Shahr-Babak)


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 Background and Objective: Increasing industrial activities associated with the production of pollutants, including heavy metals, is one of the main causes of water and Soil pollution. Mineral activities are one of the human activities that cause pollution of the natural resources such as soil. Method: In this study, the Zoning concentration of copper as soil contamination around Meyduk Copper mine was investigated. The direction samples were taken according to the situation of surrounding villages. Systematic sampling of 360 samples had been collected through the directions. Measuring the concentration of sample was done using atomic absorption method in the laboratory. To indicate the degree of Soil pollution with heavy metals, Muller’ s Geoaccumulation index was used. Finally, in order to estimate the normal concentration of Cu and pollution of soil, Kriging method was used. Results: Results showed that the maximum amount of Cu concentration is 697. 5 mg/kg and the minimum is 6. 35 mg/kg. The Cu concentration trend in direction D was more than direction M due to the direction of local dominant wind. Discussion and Conclusion: By receding from location of mine, the overall trend of Cu concentration decreased. This indicated the role of mine activities on Soil pollution.


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