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Etiology of Hydronephrosis in Neonates




 Background: Hydronephrosis as a major health issue, has a significant contribution to the loss of kidney function and dialysis. Based on this the aim of this was to evaluate the probably etiology of Hydronephrosis in Neonates. Methods: We have evaluated 314 Neonates with fetal Hydronephrosis (by ultrasonography) as a study group. Cases were followed by voiding cystourethrogram 3 weeks after the start time. In addition, we took a Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid scan at the end of 1st month of childbirth. At the end, we evaluated data based on the statistical analysis. Based on these examinations, etiology of Hydronephrosis were examined and recorded. Results: In total 314 infants with Hydronephrosis (55. 7% male and 44. 3% female) were included. Idiopathic cause (42%) as the most common etiology and vesicoureteric reflux as 2nd most common etiology of Hydronephrosis have been evaluated (37. 4%). Conclusions: Based on this finding, different causes can induce Hydronephrosis as a different etiology; therefore, we can control and reduce Hydronephrosis by checking vesicoureteric reflux as the most common possible etiology.


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    YOUSEFICHAIJAN, PARSA, SAFI, FATEMEH, Jafari, Amir Saleh, Movahedkia, Rahele, RezagholiZamnjany, Masoud, RAFIEI, MOHAMAD, & ARJMAND, ALI. (2018). Etiology of Hydronephrosis in Neonates. THE JOURNAL OF NEPHRO-UROLOGY MONTHLY, 10(2), 0-0. SID.

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    YOUSEFICHAIJAN PARSA, SAFI FATEMEH, Jafari Amir Saleh, Movahedkia Rahele, RezagholiZamnjany Masoud, RAFIEI MOHAMAD, ARJMAND ALI. Etiology of Hydronephrosis in Neonates. THE JOURNAL OF NEPHRO-UROLOGY MONTHLY[Internet]. 2018;10(2):0-0. Available from:

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    PARSA YOUSEFICHAIJAN, FATEMEH SAFI, Amir Saleh Jafari, Rahele Movahedkia, Masoud RezagholiZamnjany, MOHAMAD RAFIEI, and ALI ARJMAND, “Etiology of Hydronephrosis in Neonates,” THE JOURNAL OF NEPHRO-UROLOGY MONTHLY, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 0–0, 2018, [Online]. Available:

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