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Craniofacial Morphometric Measurements of Children with Celiac Disease




 Objectives: To examine the craniofacial morphologic features of children with Celiac Disease and to investigate the presence of specific features in this disease. Methods: Totally 100 celiac patients between the ages of 3 and 17 years who were diagnosed with Celiac Disease by biopsy and 100 healthy age-and sex-matched children were included in the study. Photographs of the children were taken using a SLR digital camera by one and the same person at a natural head position. The parameters specified on the photograph were measured with ImageJ 1. 50b software. Twenty eight landmarks were identified on the photos. Using these landmarks, 41 distances and 5 angles were measured. Thirty eight anthropometric ratios were calculated. Results: Twenty seven distances, 1 angle and 9 ratios were determined shorter; 3 distances, 2 angles and 7 ratios were determined larger in patients with Celiac Disease compared with the healthy individuals. These differences were statistically significant. Conclusions: There were significant alterations in some craniofacial morphometric parameters in children with Celiac Disease when compared with healthy controls. However, since the data is limited, a clear conclusion could not be achieved about a morphological feature directly associated with Celiac Disease in children. Further prospective studies with longer follow-up periods are warranted to determine the effects of Celiac Disease on craniofacial morphological measurements.


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