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Acne in Traditional Persian Medicine




 Background: Acne Vulgaris is a common skin condition in 35%-90% of youth. Although traditional methods of treating Acne in Iran seem to be common and high demand, a few studies about this issue have been accomplished. This study aimed to find out how much definitions and recommendations about this condition in Traditional Persian medicine (TPM) are similar to contemporary medicine. Methods: Seven main reference books from TPM were selected. The equivalents of Acne in TPM were found and comparison of the definitions and recommendations of TPM and CM were extracted. Two diseases called Namlah and Bosoor-Labanieh were most similar to Acne. These keywords were searched in TPM Books by using “ Noor software” . Results: In TPM references, two diseases of “ Namlah” and “ Bosoor-Labanieh” are very similar to Acne. The cause of these diseases in TPM textbooks has been explained as the effort of the body for the disposal of wastes through the skin and accumulation of them below it. The treatments are lifestyle modification, drug therapy, and manual interventions. Conclusion: Interventions of TPM have been experienced by Iranian physicians of the Old Testament over hundreds of years. There are meaningful similarities among TPM texts in descriptions and advice. In addition, there are remarkable similarities in the disease characteristics and some of the recommendations for Acne in TPM and CM. The effectiveness and cost-benefit of the recommended TPM therapeutics and methods can be considered and evaluated as hypotheses for the case and group studies and clinical trials.


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