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Effects of Spirulina platensis on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Egg Traits and Immunity Response of Japanese Quails


Hajati H. | ZAGHARI M.




 In present study, two trials had been conducted to evaluate the effects of Spirulina platensis (SP) on growth performance, carcass characteristics, egg quantity and quality traits, and immunity response of Japanese quails. In trial 1, a total number of 180 one-day-old Japanese quails were randomly assigned into 6 groups, 3 replicates with 10 quail chicks per replicate. Experimental diets including basal diet (with no additive), diet contained probiotic, and diets contained 4 levels of SP (2. 5, 5, 10, 20 g/kg diet). In trial 2, a total num-ber of 250 Japanese laying quails were randomly assigned into 5 groups, 5 replicates with 10 laying quails per replicate. Experimental diets included of basal diet (no additive) and diets supplemented with three lev-els of SP (1, 3 or 5 g/kg diet). In experiment 1, using 5 g SP/kg diet caused higher body weight gain and European production efficiency factor during 1-35 d of age (P<0. 05). Using SP at the levels of 2. 5 or 5 g/kg diet increased breast percentage (P<0. 05). In experiment 2, using different levels of SP decreased shell thickness, albumen height, haugh unit and yolk height in laying quails (P<0. 05). However, Feeding differ-ent levels of SP increased (P< 0. 05) egg yolk color compared to control group linearly. Dietary supplemen-tation of SP at levels of 3 and 5 g/kg diet decreased cholesterol level per g yolk (P<0. 05). Different levels of SP caused higher levels of total antibody against sheep red blood cells (SRBC) and IgG titers (P<0. 05). Laying quails fed with 3 or 5 g SP/kg showed higher cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity after 12 or 24 h of phytohemagglutinin injection (P<0. 05). In conclusion, we recommend using SP at the levels of 5 and 3 g/kg diet during growth and laying period of Japanese quails, respectively.


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