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Analysis and Development of Technology Acceptance Model in Mobile Bank Field


Moazenzadeh D. | Hamidi H.


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 Internet bank has limitations such as access to the internet network and personal computer (PC). In addition to provideeasily bank services to customers at any time, The provision of mobile phone services with the title of Mobile Bank was introduced to eliminate these restrictions and limitations. Due to importance of technology adoption by users, in this research, the technology acceptance Model was developed by taking into account the variables of the original Model, by adding new variables such as risk perception, cost perception, trust, resistance, compatibility while examining the proposed Models. This research has analyzed the statistical population using the questionnaire. Finally, by analyzing obtained results, with regression analysis observed that individual's age has not much effect on the technology adoption according to results, and also individuals do not have much resistance to adopt the technology in this period, which leads to adopt more new technologies. Individuals are also willing to pay for the services and technology used while benefiting from its advantages. The cost has not affected the attitude of individuals and is not an impediment and barrier to technology adoption, and ultimately, individuals have adopted the risk of use of technology. This issue does not damage their trust in new technology.


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