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English Teachers' Perception of Critical Pedagogy: Any Discrepancy between Perception and Actual Classroom Implementation?


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 The study investigated the relationship between Iranian EFL Teachers' Perception of Critical Pedagogy (CP) and Reflective Teaching (RT), the possible effect of gender, academic degree, and teaching experience on teachers‟ Perceptions of CP, the possible differences among the three groups of teachers of universities, public schools and private language institutes regarding their Perception of CP and also the possible difference between the reported CP Perception of teachers and their actual Classroom Implementation. The instruments adopted for data collection purposes included the CP Questionnaire developed by Pishvaei and Kasaian (2013) and the RT Inventory developed by Akbari, Behzadpour and Dadvand (2010) which were validated through pilot-testing and factor analysis. Then, the CP Classroom Observation Checklist, was developed by the researchers and was viewed by an expert. The results of one-way ANOVA showed that there were significant differences among the three groups of university, school, and language institute EFL Teachers regarding CP Perception. Also, the results of Pearson correlation showed a significant relationship between participants' Perception of CP and RT. Moreover, the results of Factorial ANOVA indicated that gender and teaching experience did not significantly differentiate the participants concerning CP Perception; however, academic degree did so. Furthermore, the results of Independent Samples t-test revealed significant differences between the participants' reported Perception of CP and their actual Classroom Implementation of it. The findings of the study might imply that English teachers should be equipped with the knowledge of how to put CP into practice in actual classroom settings in addition to the propositional knowledge of the concept.


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