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Effects of ellagic acid pretreatment on renal functions disturbances induced by global cerebral ischemic-reperfusion in rat


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 Global cerebral ischemia-reperfusion (GCIR) causes disturbances in brain functions as well as other organs such as kidney. Our aim was to evaluate the protective effects of Ellagic acid (EA) on certain renal disfunction after GCIR. Materials and Methods: Adult male Wistar rats (n=32, 250-300 g) were used. GCIR was induced by bilateral vertebral and common carotid arteries occlusion (4-VO). Animal groups were: 1) received DMSO/saline (10%) as solvent of EA, 2) solvent + GCIR, 3) EA + GCIR, and 4) EA. Under anesthesia with ketamine/xylazine, GCIR was induced (20 and 30 min respectively) in related groups. EA (100 mg/kg, dissolved in DMSO/saline (10%) or solvent was administered (1. 5 ml/kg) orally for 10 consecutive days to the related groups. EEG was recorded from NTS in GCIR treated groups. Results: Our data showed that: a) EEG in GCIR treated groups was flattened. b) GCIR reduced GFR (P<0. 01) and pretreatment with EA attenuated this reduction. c) BUN was increased by GCIR (P<0. 001) and pretreatment with EA improved the BUN to normal level. d) Serum Creatinine concentration was elevated by GCIR but not significantly, however, in EA+GCIR group serum Creatinine was reduced (P<0. 05). e) GCIR induced Proteinuria (P<0. 05) but, EA was unable to reduced Proteinuria. Conclusion: Results indicate that GCIR impairs certain renal functions and EA as an antioxidant can improve these functions. Our results suggest the possible usefulness of Ellagic acid in patients with brain stroke.


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