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Investigating the Impact of the Weakened Social Order on the Emergence of the Ghaznavi Military State Based on the Sociology of Order


Samadian Ahangar Amir


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 Based on the sociology of order approach, the present paper seeks to deal with the relationship between the militants' promoted role and the establishment of social order. This paper is a case study of the status of the society of the Middle Ages in the fourth century A. H. A historical review of the texts of this era using the sociology of order approach shows that-contrary to the state-centered understanding of the concept of security, the studies of the Middle Ages indicate the centrality of the concept of security in the concept and definition of social order and the mechanisms of its preservation and durability, because the establishment of social order and security faced many problems in the fourth century A. H due to the intensified process of segregation and propagation of various social groups as well as the appearance of various social disorders in the eastern geography of the Islamic society. Under these conditions, the community was getting away from the cognitive standards, the normative system, and a common and universal value reference. Furthermore, the state's mobilization ability, concentration of power and legitimacy declined due to the increased tensions and various social classifications. In these circumstances, the groups close to power began competing and even fighting together in order to establish the external order of the society. This process, which resulted in the collapse of the Samanids and the rise of the Ghaznavids, provided the conditions for the establishment of external order in the society.


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