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The Study of Mystical Themes in Ahmad Aziz’ s Poetry


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 Mysticism and Mystical themes have long been deeply linked to literature. Mystical teachings not only in the poems of the most mystical past poets, But also in Contemporary poetry enjoys a special place. Since the themes of poetry of contemporary poets are the most social and cultural issues, it seems in the first step that these poets have used less Mystical themes, so doing this research to study the Mystical themes and the position of mysticism in the poem of Ahmad Azizi, one of Contemporary contemporary poets appear to be necessary. In this regard, the research was carried out by the library method and mostly around the scope of the research of "Qoes Ghazal" and "Kafshhaye Mokashefe" Ahmad Azizi. Ahmad Azizi, as a mystic poet, has completely used the mystical culture in his poems. In addition, he is inspired by Molavi and Hafez in expressing his mystical thoughts. The importance of the separation of the sensual and worldly affiliation, Seclusion to receive manifestation of the divine essence and themes such as love, unity of being, perdition and perpetuity, manifestation, perplexity and the mystical secrets, such as the cup-bearer, the wine, the wine tavern, is a lot in his poems.


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