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In vitro kinetics and inhibition of krait snake’ s venom acetylcholinesterase by Calligonum polygonoides extract in relation to the treatment of Alzheimer’ s disease


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 Objective(s): The objective of this study was to evaluate pharmacological effect of Calligonum polygonoides against Krait snake’ s venom acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and to extent it for the treatment of Alzheimer’ s disease. Materials and Methods: Acetylcholinesterase activity was measured using Ellman method with some modification. The kinetic studies of methanolic extract of C. polygonoides against krait (Bungarus Sindanus) snake venom AChE was measured with the help of the Lineweaver Burk double reciprocal plot. Results: Statistical data of the results showed that C. polygonoides extract inhibited the krait venom AChE in concentration dependent manner. Kinetic analysis using Line weaver Burk plot revealed that C. polygonoides caused mixed type of inhibition i. e. km value increased (25-106. 6%) while Vmax decreased from 15 to 50% with an increase of C. polygonoides extract concentrations (100-300 μ g/ ml). The calculated IC50 value of C. polygonoides was found to be 250 μ g/ml. Conclusion: C. polygonoides extract can be considered as a therapeutic agent to cure Alzheimer’ s disease via inhibition of AChE activity to increase the level of acetylcholine in the body system.


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