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The Evaluation of Conventional X-ray Exposure Parameters Including Tube Voltage and Exposure Time in Private and Governmental Hospitals of Lorestan Province, Iran


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 Introduction In radiography, dose and image quality are dependent on radiographic parameters. The problem is caused from incorrect use of radiography equipment and from the radiation exposure to patients much more than required. Therefore, the aim of this study was to implement a quality-control program to detect changes in exposure parameters, which may affect diagnosis or patient radiation dose. Materials and Methods This cross-sectional study was performed on seven stationary X-ray units in six hospitals of Lorestan province. The measurements were performed, using a factory-calibrated Barracuda dosimeter (model: SE-43137). Results According to the results, the highest output was obtained in A Hospital (M1 device), ranging from 107×10-3 to 147×10-3 mGy/mAs. The evaluation of tube voltage accuracy showed a deviation from the standard value, which ranged between 0. 81% (M1 device) and 17. 94% (M2 device) at A Hospital. The deviation ranges at other hospitals were as follows: 0. 30-27. 52% in B Hospital (the highest in this study), 8. 11-20. 34% in C Hospital, 1. 68-2. 58% in D Hospital, 0. 90-2. 42% in E Hospital and 0. 10-1. 63% in F Hospital. The evaluation of exposure time accuracy showed that E, C, D and A (M2 device) hospitals complied with the requirements (allowing a deviation of ± 5%), whereas A (M1 device), F and B hospitals exceeded the permitted limit. Conclusion The results of this study showed that old X-ray equipments with poor or no maintenance are probably the main sources of reducing radiographic image quality and increasing patient radiation dose.


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