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Marl units classified of Zanjan province based on physiochemical characteristics using of FactorAnalysis


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Marl units cover about 4438 Km2 (20%), of Zanjan province. The objective of this study was to investigating the most effective physic-chemical properties Marl unit Classification in Zanjan province using Factor analysis. In view of this, by overlying slope, climate, and Marly units of geological formation maps, 18 homogeneous units were identified. 120 samples were collected in 0-30 cm depth and physic-chemical properties were measured. Based on a Factor analysis physicochemical variables Marl units were summarized in three factors. The first factor is related to the physical properties, like soil texture of Marl units. Soluble potassium and sodium Variables, were in the second factor and and potassium solution is as major variable. Organic matter (OC) and the Plastic limits (Pl) were as the third main factor. The parameters of soil texture, organic matter content and soluble potassium and sodium and Plastic limits were the most important variables in the study area. It is obvious that each of these factors some how separate and distinct physiochemical characteristics and Marl units are effective in Zanjan province.


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