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The Feasibility of Using Blended Learning in the Curriculum of Speech Therapy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences


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 Introduction: The current study aimed at determining the feasibility of using Blended Learning in the curriculum of Speech therapy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The subjects consisted of 48 undergraduate students, 25 undergraduate students, 22 PhD. students, and six faculty members selected by random sampling method using Morgan table. Faculty members were also counted. Materials and Methods: A researcher-made hybrid learning questionnaire was employed to collect data. In the descriptive section, frequency distribution tables, charting, and calculation of central and distribution indices were employed. In the inferential statistics, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was employed to investigate the normal distribution of the variables, and the single-sample t-test to evaluate the research hypotheses. Results: The results of the evaluation showed that Blended Learning Speech therapy curriculum was very important in the combination of speech learning, but from the point of view of Speech therapy respondents, the Blended Learning is less used now. Conclusion: In this regard, the students of the Department of Speech therapy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, believed that the combination of high-quality learning Speech therapy was of high importance. On the other hand, the highest importance from the viewpoint of the students and faculty members of the Faculty of Rehabilitation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, was related to educational goals.


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