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Journal: رفاه اجتماعی
Year:1396 | Volume:17 | Issue:67
Start Page:203 | End Page:231



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 Introduction: Link and Phelan (1995) maintain that social conditions are fundamental causes of disease when social variables (1) infl uence multiple diseases, (2) affect these diseases through multiple pathways of risk, (3) are reproduced over time, and (4) involve access to resources that can be used to avoid the disease or minimize the consequences if it occurs. In addition to stratifcation variables such as class, race, and gender, stressful life events and stress-process variables like social support qualify as social factors in their view. Link and Phelan developed fundamental-cause theory with the aim of understanding and addressing a particular and important problem— the persistence over time of extreme levels of socioeconomic inequalities in health and mortality. However, it may be fruitful to expand reasoning about fundamental causes beyond this problem to include outcomes other than health and mortality and fundamental causes other than SES. One of the nvironmental factors affecting mental and physical health is unemployment. The characteristics of the labor market in Iran are unemployment, which has found new dimensions since the entrance of new graduates. The effect of unemployment on mental and physical health of the people, have been approved in numerous researches. The goal of this research is surveying the reason of this relation. So the present research tried to find an answer to this question via using the notion of STIGMA-introduced by Gaffman. Method: The method of this study is survey and cross-sectional, and in order to gather data, questionnaires were used. The statistical population of this survey is all the residents of Tehran, which have always been in the group of the unemployment, according to the features of work force. To do so, 384 participants have been chosen randomly based on the multistage cluster sampling from the employment service offices of Tehran. To measure MENTAL HEALTH, the GENERAL HEALTH questionnaire and to measure the STIGMA OF UNEMPLOYMENT of questionnaire developed by the researche was used. Findings: The results of this study state that unemployed men posse weaker MENTAL HEALTH than the women. The results of the multivariate regression also showed that the variables of felt stigma with Beta coefficient of (0. 451), self-stigma of (-0. 409) and coping strategies of (0. 213) are respectively the strongest predictors of the MENTAL HEALTH of THE UNEMPLOYED. Discussion: Researches about the unemployment stigma-in or out of Iran-, are in their early stages. The results of our survey show that the amount of felt stigma by THE UNEMPLOYED of the society is high, which is of utter importance, especially after considering the increasing rate of unemployment in Iran. Also findings of our study by demonstrating the role of social and cultural factors such as stigma in MENTAL HEALTH status of THE UNEMPLOYED has contributed in the development of existing literature of Unemployment. When of having a decent job that important components Indicative the level of success of individuals in the community is People denied, Stigma influence in its obvious and hidden forms all the aspects of hidden and apparent of person’ s life. These people constantly have to hide the shame in their daily lives or cope with its effects. The logical result of this objective and subjective tension gradually endangers a person’ s MENTAL HEALTH. When structural pressures in society to the extent that person responsible for everything considers compared to society that with the mechanics that protect people against economic crises and social support, It is obvious that importance of stigma unemployment and its impact in these two social construction proportional and equal will not be.



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