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Pathology of the Religious Change in Khuzestan Province


Dawodi Alireza




 The purpose of this study is the Pathology of Conversion in Khuzestan province. The research method is qualitative analysis with inductive strategy. University and Howzeh professors, cultural experts in Khuzestan province and individuals are subject to cultural identity change are Statistical population. Using intentional and judgmental sampling method, 25 members of the statistical population were selected as the sample size of the study. Data collection is free (in-depth) interview. Excerpts from interviews were analyzed using MAXQDA2018 software. Finally, 9 main categories and 39 sub-categories were identified from the analysis of the findings. The most important causes of the occurrence and prevalence of this emerging phenomenon are the underlying factors (Such as unemployment, poverty, poor transmission of religious teachings, rural-urban migration, marginal growth), Structural factors (such as weakness and inefficiency of cultural management models and quality of performance of influential institutions) and intervening factors (such as the role and influence of dissidents including foreigners and opposing currents in creating and fueling this phenomenon). The possibility of exploiting and abusing of the people who are inclined to Wahhabism in Khuzestan by separatist, takfiri and terrorist counter-revolutionary currents (like ISIL) In persecuting and subversive acts, will be one of the most important threats.


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