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Critical Evaluation of Positive-Normative Dichotomy in Economics (According to Shahid Sadr's View Point)


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 In traditional economics, there are some disputes over the distinction between Positive and normative economics. The current paper criticizes this dichotomy with a particular view to the ideas of Shahid Sadr. Attention to Sadr's view on the connection of normative and positive economics contributes to the better understanding of the entry of values in economics. The results of the study, which is done by using an analytical approach, show that while the dual positive-normative dichotomy is different from the dual doctrinal-science dichotomy, there have some similarities. From Sadr's view point, economic science is equivalent with positive economics. Doctrinal economics looks like normative or evaluative economics in sense that it engages in evaluations on the base of justice. Doctrinal economics deviates from normative economics by addressing ideal institutional structures and policy making. Regardless of the similarities and differences of the dual dichotomies, Sadr's attention to the link between doctrinal and scientific studies contributes to the better understanding of the entry of values in positive economics. According to Sadr, scientific economic analyses are based on an institutional framework, which is supported by an economic system. Such an institutional framework causes the positive analyses to have a value flavor.


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