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Effect of hydro alcoholic Cinnamomum zeylanicum extract on leptine, triglyceride, total cholestrol levels and body weight in Male Wistar rats exposed to air pollution


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 Air pollution is a major problem in large cities, which is a very complex process and dependent on many factors. Since air pollution is effective on the physical systems, especially the brain activity, metabolism and body weight, so the main aim of this study was to determine the effects of Cinnamomum zeylanicum on levels of leptin, triglyceride, total cholesterol and body weight in rats exposed to gasoline fumes. In this study˲ 36 male Wistar rats, weighting 200± 20 were used. These animals were divided into 6 groups(n=6) including control, exposed to gasoline fumes and experimental groups treated with Cinnamon extract before and after exposure. They were tested three weeks. Data were statistically analyzed and compared between groups using ANOVA. Findings indicated that animals were exposed to pollution, showed an increase in level of leptine, triglyceride, total cholesterol compared with control group. After treatment with the extract(25mg/kg), their levels decreased. The effect of twice injection was more effective than one injection daily and could return of these factors to control level. body weight increased in control group but decreased in rats exposed to pollution, over a period of 21 days. Cinnamon extract would return body weight to control levels in rats exposed to pollution.


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