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Construction and standardization of mathematical talents attitude questionnaire


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 The aim of the research, manufacture and standardization Inventory " attitude questionnaire child's mathematical talent " by parents. in the same way, mathematical aptitude assessment questionnaire was prepared by the parents to determine the validity and content of educational psychology specialists were consulted, and items that have been agreed and approved more than %75 as statements was chosen. In the first questionnaire, on a sample of 293 students was conducted first year of high school. After collecting the data, reliability test, 0/80, respectively, and with respect to each question with the total test correlation, the correlation is less than 0/3 the total number of 6 questions were removed and re-test reliability coefficient was calculated Mesa 0/89 percent. By performing factor analysis of the questionnaire was extracted eight factors that 54/48 percent of the variance fractions related questions. To obtain the operating questionnaire factor analysis was used. Using factor analysis Varimax rotation and taking into account the special size was more than one., creativity in solving mathematical problems, and track awareness of the child's ability in solving mathematical problems. Finally, we can measure this questionnaire to measure mathematically talented children (by parents) used in various studies.


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