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Integrated application of biological and chemical fertilizers in maize hybrids (Zea mays L. )


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 Fertilizer management plays an important role for obtaining satisfactory yield in Maize. On the other hand fertilizer management is essential for achieving to Sustainable Agriculture. An experiment was laid out in the north of Khuzestan in Iran during 2014. The experimental design was split plots in randomized complete block (RCBD) design with four replications. Main factor was integrated of chemical and biological fertilizers in four levels that included 100, 75, 50, 25 percent quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus chemical fertilizers and with and without-of biological fertilizers. Sub factor was three types of Maize Hybrids included single cross 704, single cross 701, single cross mobin. The results showed that the highest and minimum yield of Hybrids related to by ranged 13. 61, 13. 59, 10. 81 ton/ha treatments of single cross 701+ 50% chemical +100% biological fertilizers, single cross 704+ 25% chemical +100% biological fertilizers and single cross mobin+ 25% chemical +100% biological fertilizers respectively. And also there were difference between treatments in yield and component yield, the grain and biological yield and number of grain per row in the level of probability 1% significant and other treatments were no significant.


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