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Therapeutically Effects of Functional Postbiotic Foods (Review)




 The results of clinical investigations indicate a significant relationship between lifestyle (especially diet), an extensive variety of diseases, and consumer health status. In this regard, Functional foods can improve the health status and quality of life of people. Along with increasing consumer awareness and increasing research in the field of functional Probiotic foods, today a new concept (Postbiotic) is being formed to optimize the health effects of Probiotics. In this study, in addition to introducing the functional Postbiotic foods, the leading challenges in their industrial production and the need to focus investment for the development and expansion of this group of foods have been done. All articles related to the study subject were searched in the Scopus, PubMed/Medline, ISI Web of Knowledge, and Google Scholar database, and whom that discussed the concept, methods of extraction and identification as well as biological activity of Postbiotics were included in the study. Postbiotics due to their unique characteristics can be used in the matrix of a wide range of fermented and non-fermented foods. The fermentation process is one of the most important sources of Postbiotics in the natural form, however, these compounds can be produced in a purer form and with higher functionality using various laboratory methods that can be used in a wide range of foods to improve nutritional status and shelf life of foods and Health-promotion goals for consumers. Understanding the pharmacokinetic characteristics of Postbiotic compounds and nanocarrier systems is essential to design the best delivery system as well as to ensure the optimal safety and quality properties of Postbiotic (pharmaceutical/food) products. The Postbiotics as a novel strategy can be used in a wide range of food products to delay corruption, increase shelf life, and promote Functional foods.



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    HOMAYOUNI RAD, AZIZ, SAMADI KAFIL, HOSSEIN, Fathi Zavoshti, Hamideh, Shahbazi, Nayyer, & Abbasi, Amin. (2020). Therapeutically Effects of Functional Postbiotic Foods (Review). JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EXCELLENCE, 10(2 ), 33-52. SID.

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    HOMAYOUNI RAD AZIZ, SAMADI KAFIL HOSSEIN, Fathi Zavoshti Hamideh, Shahbazi Nayyer, Abbasi Amin. Therapeutically Effects of Functional Postbiotic Foods (Review). JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EXCELLENCE[Internet]. 2020;10(2 ):33-52. Available from:

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    AZIZ HOMAYOUNI RAD, HOSSEIN SAMADI KAFIL, Hamideh Fathi Zavoshti, Nayyer Shahbazi, and Amin Abbasi, “Therapeutically Effects of Functional Postbiotic Foods (Review),” JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EXCELLENCE, vol. 10, no. 2 , pp. 33–52, 2020, [Online]. Available:

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