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Women and the experience of social exclusion in informal settlement in Tehran (case of study: Islamabad)


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informal settlements are among the most important social issues of many societies. women face an intensified level of exlusion in these areas. social exclusion breaks the links between individuals and society, and represents a process in which people are deprived of social participation. Studying the exclusion of women in such settings can help to gain a clear picture of the dimensions of deprivation that is experienced by people in these places. This paper aims to study the experience of social exlusion of women in the Islamabad neighborhood which is located in Tehran‟ s District 2. A qualitative method and semi-structured interview and thematic analysis were used for the collection of data. The sample included 24 women 18-60 years who were living in the neighborhood of Islamabad in Tehran. The results showed that most women in this neighborhood were deprived of intergourop and translocal relations. They lacked the skills and the ability to work in a modern economy, and they experienced a dependent way life. They also had a very limited experience of commuting to other parts of the city and therefore had little acquaintance with Tehran. In addition, they were embarrassed because of the negative image of the neighborhood and the stigma of the disgrace of being in the neighborhood and therefore they reduced their relationships with the outside world. This also reduced marital opportunities for girls. There were differences in the experience of social exclusion between generations. In addition to experiencing exclusion from the larger community, Second generation women also experienced voluntary exclusion of the local community and had a feeling of inequality.


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