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Statistical and Climate Analysis of Dust Storms in Iran




 Background and Objective: Due to the increase of this phenomenon, current study focuses on the climate and statistical analysis of dust storms in Iran during 2015. Method: Hourly data of meteorological code are used in this study. The software WRPLOT VIEW was utilized to plot wind rose. For Synoptic analysis of the storm, data information of middle and upper atmospheres including sea-level pressure data and geopotential height of 500hP surface was received from NCEP/NCAR database, and their circulation patterns were obtained. In order to determine the trajectories of dust storms, the air parcel tracking model HYSPLIT was applied. Findings: The maximum dust events were occurred in Zabol during 2015. Highest wind speed and severest loss of vision were observed at Zabol station on 6 July. The masses of dust were entered to Arak and Fasa from the west and northwest of Iraq and to Zabol from Afghanistan. Records of sealevel and middle-atmosphere circulation database on 21 July 2015, that showed the severest loss of vision in Fasa, revealed the presence of a low-height system over Russia and a high pressure system over the north black sea. A low pressure system was observed over Pakistan which its tabs were extended to the east and south regions of Iran. Discussion and Conclusion: Blowing dust in Zabol can have a local dust source. The greatest dust in suspension events in Arak & Fasa with lower wind speed along. Northeasterly winds can cause of Sistan 120-day wind during the cold time of year that its impact will be greater in Zabol. On the day that severest loss of vision observed, most part of the country affected by tabs of high pressure located on the west in Iraq, that have been reached to the center of Iran with its easterly side.


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    Fatahi Masrour, Parisa, & REZAZADEH, MARYAM. (2020). Statistical and Climate Analysis of Dust Storms in Iran. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 21(11 (90) ), 37-48. SID.

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    Fatahi Masrour Parisa, REZAZADEH MARYAM. Statistical and Climate Analysis of Dust Storms in Iran. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY[Internet]. 2020;21(11 (90) ):37-48. Available from:

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    Parisa Fatahi Masrour, and MARYAM REZAZADEH, “Statistical and Climate Analysis of Dust Storms in Iran,” JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 21, no. 11 (90) , pp. 37–48, 2020, [Online]. Available:

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