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 coffee shops have always played a key role and have affected the shaping and stability of important parts of social cultures and traditions as well as public rituals. Although this effectiveness during different periods has been associated with distinct ups and downs, a number of traditional religious and other kinds of shows such as minstrelsy, eloquence, curtain narration and tornabazi have been changed to an old tradition and been transferred from generation to generation. It is natural that by growing and expanding the technology including the presence of effective media such as cinema, radio and television, the socialcultural position of traditional COFFEE SHOPs and following that the Iranian shows have been subjected to basic changes. Today, though places under the title of traditional COFFEE SHOPs are established or reconstructed in some small and metropolitan cities of Iran and the different types of Iranian shows are played in these centers, this trend does not seem so stable. They sometimes become museum centers. Really how it can be dealt with the protecting and expanding the Iranian shows in these spaces and atmospheres by studying and surveying the interacting way of COFFEE SHOPs and Iranian shows since old times until now as well as how could design the new spaces and locations with respect to taste and the culture of the current audience. Therefore, the most important goals of this research include the following points: 1. Presenting a model for stable development of traditions and Iranian ritual shows in today’s spaces and locations.2. Presenting a recommending map of architectural places and spaces of streets, bazaar and mid ways.3. Recognition of locations in contemporary COFFEE SHOPs to stage the TRADITIONAL-RELIGIOUS SHOWS. The research questions discussed in the present article include: 1. What are the space and location attributes for performing the Iranian shows in COFFEE SHOPs? 2. At present, what places and spaces have the capacity to perform the Iranian shows? The research method is based on analytical-descriptive approach. Information were extracted from the dominant COFFEE SHOPs and subsequently analyzed and the results were compared. The library documents particularly the travel accounts of orientalists have been used in collecting the initial information. This article, at first, deals with the subject of COFFEE SHOPs, their initial conditions, their formation and transformation as the stable places to perform Iranian shows.Then, the relationship among space, performing areas and the architecture of COFFEE SHOPs have been examined. In addition, we have recommended new spaces and locations to perform Iranian shows based on the culture of Iranian society. Corresponding diagrams and models have also been presented in this regard. In fact, the study carried out and the results obtained from this research indicate that the creation of space as well as locations to perform Iranian shows in foundations and educational, social centers, passages and in terminals can also be dealt with the reconstructed and revived shapes of traditional COFFEE SHOPs that are the indicative of the Iranian shows and plays.


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