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Effect of Fluoride Gel and Foam on Salivary Fluoride Concentration


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 Background and Aim: Many studies have shown that various fluoride-containing products can change Salivary Fluoride concentration. Nowadays, different kinds of topical Fluoride gels and foams are used to prevent dental caries. The aim of this study was to evaluate Salivary Fluoride concentration following the application of 3 different fluoride containing materials at different follow-up intervals. Materials and Methods: In this cross over clinical trial, 12 dentistry students with the mean age of 25. 66± 2. 4 years participated. They had no dental caries or fluoridecontaining restorations, and they had not received any kind of fluoride treatment, recently. Each participant was entered in 3 intervention sessions in which Topex® APF gel, Topex APF foam and Cina APF gel were applied followed by a one-week washout period. Before starting the treatment, unstimulated Saliva samples were collected. Saliva samples were also collected at 1, 15, 30, and 60 minutes after the treatment, and Fluoride concentrations were evaluated by using the ion specific electrode method. Data were analyzed by the use of Kruskal-Wallis and Dunn multiple comparison tests. Results: Salivary concentration was in the maximum range at minute one, after using each type of fluoridated products evaluated in this survey, and it decreased gradually to minute 60. There was a significant statistical difference in Fluoride concentration at minutes 1 and 60 after using Topex® APF gel in comparison with Topex® APF foam and Cina APF gel. Furthermore, significant statistical differences in Salivary Fluoride concentration were reported following the application of Topex® APF gel, Cina APF gel and Topex® APF foam (p<0. 001). There were no significant differences between Cina APF gel and Topex® APF foam. Conclusion: The results of the present study revealed that Topex® APF foam at minute one and Cina APF gel at minute 60 induced higher Salivary Fluoride concentrations in comparison with the other studied fluoride-containing products.


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