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A Field Study of The Environmental Effects of Marginalization in the 19th District of Tehran Using Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix (RIAM)


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Marginalization is one of the consequences of economic and social crises in Iran during recent years, which has caused many problems on the margin of large cities such as Tehran. Lack of living standards, as well as urban management supervision, have caused environmental problems to be one of the damages of these areas to its inhabitants and surrounding urban areas. Environmental degradations in this area attract a great deal of attention. In this field study, we have tried to assess the environmental impacts of Marginalization by studying the environmental degradation effects of Marginalization on the edge of District 19 of Tehran. In the first step, visits and preparation of field questionnaires were carried out in order to investigate and document the situation in the region. Then, using the results and in the form of 26 environmental indicators, the RIAM model was used to assess environmental impacts and to study the severity of their effects in the marginal zone. According to the results of the research, major environmental problems include surface water control systems’ low quality, surface sewage discharges, inappropriate management of municipal waste, unpleasant smell and the presence of sludge in the neighborhood.


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