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Application of environmental justice concept in urban planning, the periurban environment of Tehran as the case study


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Environmental justice (EJ) concept consists of multifaceted movements, community struggles, and discourses in contemporary societies that seek to reduce environmental risks, increase environmental protections, and generally reduce environmental inequalities suffered by minority and poor communities; a term that incorporates ‘ environmental racism’ and ‘ environmental classism, ’ captures the idea that different racial and socioeconomic groups experience differential access to environmental quality. This article explores Environmental justice as an urban phenomenon in Urban planning and applies it in peri-urban environment of a metropolis. Tehran Peri-urban environments which are the result of meeting the city-village-nature systems or "city-village junction" have gradually faced effects such as accelerated environmental decline, changes without land-use plan, and severe service deficiencies. These problems are instances of environmental injustice which make the planners to adjust the problems and use and apply the appropriate strategies and policies by looking for solutions and resorting to theories, techniques and methods related to Environmental justice. In order to access to this goal, try to define Environmental justice through justice and determining Environmental justice indices to analysis environmental injustice in case study. Then, make an effort to introduce some criteria to select case study in two micro and micro levels. Qiyamdasht town as the peri-urban environment of Tehran metropolis is chosen and examined to show the existence of environmental injustice by questionnaire analysis and SPSS software. Finally, use AIDA technique to design a strategic plan and reduce environmental injustice in case study by introducing the better scenario to be used in policy-and decision-making areas.


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