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The impactts of physical contexts of local mosques on their efficacy (Case study: a comparative study of three districts of Tehran)


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 The purposeofthispaper is to examinethe impacts ofPhysical contextson theefficacy oflocalMosques. The main question of thisresearchis: “ What istherelationship betweenPhysical context (including: number and space share per head of mosque in Neighborhood, functional radius of mosque, the location of local mosque, local adjacent land uses and finally legibility and identity of local mosque in Neighborhoods) and efficacy of local Mosques? The research hypothesisis based on the assumption that there is a meaningful relation between Physical context of Mosques and their expected socio-cultural efficacyinurban Neighborhoods. The method of the research has been analytical descriptive. In order to examine the hypothesis, variables “ physical components of the Mosquesandtheirefficacy" have been assigned. Applying“ the Theory of Environmental quality” , theindexes of each variable have been determined and applied in questionnaire to be evaluated in case studies. The data of the study wereanalyzed through SPSS software and the hypothesis was confirmed with 95% confidence level. Theresearch resultsrevealedthatphysicalcontext ofMosques can have a positive influence on their function of efficacy which consists of socialsolidarity, sense of belongingand sense of religiousaffiliationsofpeople through the five above mentioned factors.


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