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Modern technology necessity in academic training to protect of Iran architectural heritage authenticity


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 The importance of Iranian ancient as architectural heritage have to competent international prestige and respect due this is important with regard to proper conservation methods based on non-destructive evaluation methods and non-contact testing; providing enough accuracy and speed to bring performance to stabilize while correct location and age value of valuable architectural aspect of quantification. Quality and originality of these valuable cultural points of view, maintenance, protection and restoration in principle be enough and intervention measures in the field of strengthening and improvement due seismic in these important historic monuments. Thus re-assessment actions shall be effective with accuracy, speed and lack of unnecessary destruction in order to maintain these buildings may be accompanied by gentility. Therefore, we should transfer the newest technical knowledge through appropriate training and non-destructive with non-contact methods in the field of architectural restoration for ancient monumental works in these objectives will be achieved. Based on any particular monument, rules and technical measures appropriate to its historic monument need to be used. This paper tries to explain while doing it is specialized modern Academic training and evaluating the existing technology in architecture, the importance of attitude in non-destructive observing methods, assessment, measurement and diagnostic engineering features of monuments. The methods of documentation, studies, classify scheme, explain the profile of engineering methods of pathology, evaluation, analysis and formulation process of expanding the structural weakness of monuments and finally race precision appropriate intervention measures, modeling, strengthening and durability of the architectural heritage of Iran through the training consideration of a new curriculum.


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