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Menstrual Disturbances inWomen With Congenital Heart Diseases


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 Background: Women with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) may experience menstrual disturbances secondary to hemodynamic instability during the mensturation phase. Objectives: We investigated the menstrual bleeding pattern and its relationship with certain clinical findings in adult women with CHD. Patients and Methods: Clinical data and menstrual bleeding pattern of adult women  15 years old who were referred to adult CHD clinic between March and September 2014 were recorded. Patients with syndromic congenital anomalies were excluded. Results: Data of 304 women (151 and 153 with simple and complex CHD groups, respectively) were recorded. Their mean (SD) age was 25. 2 (1) years (range, 15-46 years). The median (IQR) age at menarche was 13 (12-14. 25) years. Menarche was later in patients with CHD than in the normal population. Furthermore, the simple group showed earlier menarche than the complex group. The most commonmenstrual abnormalitywasmenorrhagia in both groups (14. 5% and20. 5% in the simpleandcomplex groups, respectively). The incidence of menstrual abnormality was higher, though not significantly, in the complex group (40% vs. 25% in the simple group; P = 0. 2). Menorrhagia was associated with the severity of oxygen desaturation (P = 0. 007). Conclusions: Menstrual abnormalities are common in women with CHD, and therefore this group of patients should be aware of the menstrual function and its abnormalities.


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