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Association between Aggressive Behaviors, Life Satisfaction, Self-rated Health and Counseling with Family Members among Children and Adolescents: The CASPIAN-IV Study




 Background: Aggressive behaviors are common in the pediatric age and counseling with parents should be one of the main preventive and therapeutic starategies. This study aimed to assess the relationship between the frequency of aggressive behaviors, Life Satisfaction (LS) and Self-rated Health (SRH) and counseling with family members and friends in a representative sample of Iranian Children and Adolescents. Materials and Methods: In this nationwide study, 14, 880 school students, aged 6-18 years, were selected by cluster and stratified multi-stage sampling method from 30 provinces in Iran. The World Health Organization Global School-based Health Survey questionnaire(WHO-GSHS) was used. Mental disorders were assessed through the WHO-GSHS questionnaire that consisted of worthless, angriness, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, depression, and worried. Results: Overall, 13, 486 students (49. 2% girls) with mean (standard deviation[SD]) age of 12. 47(3. 36) years participated the study. The prevalence of physical fight, victim, and bully was lower in Children and Adolescents who consulted with their father compared those who did not consult (P< 0. 05). Physical fight and bully were less prevalent in Children and Adolescents who consulted with their mother and friends compared those who did not consult (P< 0. 001). Also, the prevalence of LS and SRH “ good” was also lower in Children and Adolescents who share their problem with their father or mother compared with those who did not consult (P< 0. 001). Conclusion: Counseling with family members was associated with low physical fight, low bully, good sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and LS. So, Children and Adolescents should be encouraged to consult with their parents about their problems.


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