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The Exploration of Culturally Sensitive Nursing Care in Pediatric Setting: a Qualitative Study




 Background: One of the essential aspects of the provision of care is cultural issues. Cultural sensitivity is the key for cultural care. The aim of this study was to explore Culturally sensitive care in pediatric nursing care in Iran. Materials and Methods: This study was a conventional content analysis. Participants were consisted of 25 Nurses and 9 parents selected through purposive sampling from three pediatric referral centers in Tabriz and Tehran, Iran. Data was collected using semi-structured interviews and field notes and were concurrently analyzed by using Graneheim and Lundman (2004) method. Data was transcribed verbatim, words, sentences, and phrases were considered meaning units, abstracted, labeled and compared for developing categories. Results: Culturally sensitive care of a sick Child was consisted of three themes: ‘ cultural exposure’ , ‘ intercultural communication’ and ‘ the reconciliation of cultural conflict in families/care’ . During the ‘ cultural exposure’ Nurses were informed of the cultural manifestations, strived to identify and understand patients/families with cultural diversities and respect their cultural beliefs. The nurse used the native language in ‘ intercultural communication’ or a combination of verbal and nonverbal communication methods to reach a common understanding. Finally, a nurse in the conflict between the culture of Child/family and care took actions for making decisions to develop a compliance between care and the family culture and amended parents’ harmful desires through negotiation and appropriate care. Conclusion: Understanding the concept of Culturally sensitive care, can help with resolving the problems of cultural exchanges in Pediatric wards. Providing cultural facilities and interpreters to communicate with patients/family increase their satisfaction.



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