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The Effect of Health Promoting Schools Programs in Improving the Health Status of Schools in Urmia, North West of Iran




 Background: Investing in the health of children in learning situation is one of the most important health interventions. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of health promoting Schools in improving the health status of Schools in Urmia, North West of Iran. Methods and materials: This interventional study was conducted on 155 Schools executing the health promoting Schools program that were included by census. Data collection instrument was standard checklist of health promoting Schools approved by Ministry of health and Ministry of education. Data were collected in two-stage before and after intervention during 12 months. Data were analyzed using the software SPSS 16. 0 and descriptive statistics and Paired t-test were used. Results: There were 217 Schools in Urmia in primary, Middle and High school. A total of 155 Schools surveyed in the study, 77 Schools (49. 7%) were primary school, 68 Schools (43. 9%) junior Schools, and 10 Schools (6. 5%) were high school. Mean score of rates was 59. 35 + 13. 22 before the intervention and 63. 94 + 12. 1 after intervention and this difference was statistically significant (P<0. 05). Also, the rates of nine dimensions before and after the intervention increased excluding the two dimensions of clinical services and mental health services and counseling and these findings were statistically significant (P<0. 05). Conclusion: The results showed that health promoting Schools program was effective in improving Schools in terms of Health promotion. It is recommended that families, organizations, and policy makers to be involved in the implementation of this program.



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