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Studying the Items of Morning Reports based on ISO 10015 Standard in Teaching Hospitals of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran


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 Background: Morning reports, along with clinical rounds and practical tutorials are common, useful, and valuable procedures in clinical education. This method has standards that play an important role in helping the students in learning, when complete. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effective items in Morning reports of clinical wards of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted from October 2016 until January 2017 in Teaching Hospitals in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. The questionnaire in this study included items evaluating Morning report, based on ISO 10015 Standard, with confirmed reliability and validity. In this questionnaire, 36 items affecting the quality of a Morning report were evaluated. The questionnaires were completed by attending the Morning report sessions of 18 clinical sections in educational hospitals and examining existing profiles. The obtained data was analyzed by SPSS software version 16. Results: The results of this study showed that mean time of starting the Morning report was 7: 54 AM. Percentage of attendance of professors was 50%, assistants 61. 1%, interns 77. 8%, and externs 77. 8%. The case being reviewed was selected by assistant or chief assistant in 50% of cases based on common diseases; in 28% of cases, based on the patients' condition and according to the severity of the diseases, and in 22% based on the diseases mentioned in the course curriculum. Regarding effective environmental factors, the Morning report was held away from the noise in 94. 4% of cases, had a black/white board in 88. 9%, data projector in 94. 4% with mean room size of 70 m2. Mean number of cases introduced at each session was 2. 6 cases. In each session, the first presenter was an intern in 77. 8% of cases and extern in 22. 2% of cases. In none of the sessions, professors of pharmacology or pathology were present and only in 16. 7% of the sessions, radiology professors attended the sessions. Conclusion: Morning report had a good condition in internal and surgical wards of Teaching Hospitals of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, but is still far from standard conditions. Thus, serious measures should be taken to standardize the Morning reports in Teaching Hospitals.



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