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Outcomes of Pulmonary Valve Replacement for Correction Pulmonary Insufficiency after Primary Repair of Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)


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 Background Total correction of Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) anomaly in early childhood has been practiced in many centers with good results, but in some of patients after few years sever Pulmonary Valve insufficiency occurred. Materials and Methods At a cross-sectional study from January 2015 to January 2016, 10 patients who had history of primary repair of TOF with free pulmonary insufficiency (PI) that underwent of Pulmonary Valve replacement (PVR) with bioprosthetic valves were evaluated. Results The mean age of patients was 6. 5 + 0. 753 years old (ranged 8-12 years old) and male to female ratio was 6/4. The mean of Intensive care unit (ICU) stay and Hospital stay was 4. 5+ 0. 712 days (ranged 3-8) and 11. 5+ 0. 357 days (ranged 9-16). Mean of cardiopulmonary bypass time and operation time was 45 + 0. 684 min (ranged 32-60) and 83 + 0. 317 min (ranged 65-112). In this study we did not find any mortality and ventricular arrhythmia and Heart block. There was only one case (10%) with superficial wound infection that was controlled. At 6 months follow up, all of patients were alive, but Echocardiography sign of Right Ventricular (RV) failure was present in 2 patients (20%) recently. Conclusion Although for Pulmonary insufficiency after primary TOF repair there is controversial in studies, but we had good results of PVR with Bioprosthesis in TOF patients.


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