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Prevalence of Oxyuriasis and its Influencing Factors in Elected Kindergartens in Ali Abad-e-Katoul, North of Iran


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 Background: Enterobius vermicularis (formerly Oxyuriasis vermicularis), is a prevalent parasitic infection especially in preschool Children worldwide. The present study aimed to explore the prevalence of Oxyuriasis and its influencing factors in kindergartens. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 175 Children using multi-stage sampling method in Ali Abad-e-Katoul city-Iran in 2015 year. Data were collected using a three-part demographic questionnaire including personal characteristics, predisposing factor of infection, and clinical symptoms. Possibility of infection was tested by Graham method. Data were also analyzed using SPSS software (version 18). Significant level was also considered significant as <0. 05. Results: The mean age of students was 6. 30 ± 0. 46 years. In total, 175 samples including 96 (54. 9%) female were explored, and 109 (62. 3%) of samples were lived in the Rural areas. Oxyuriasis prevalence was 34. 9% in 61 Children. Logistic regression model indicated that rural Children had 2. 62 times greater chance to infect by Oxyuriasis than Children of the urban area (Odds Ratio [OR]: 2. 62; Confidence Interval [CI]: 1. 17-4. 83, P<0. 05). A history of Bruxism increases chance of Oxyuriasis infection 2. 02 times than Children with no symptom (OR: 2. 02; CI: 1. 03-3. 95, P<0. 05). Conclusion: Oxyuriasis vermicularis infection was more prevalent than most of studies conducted in the country (Iran) and in the rural Children. Hence, appropriate interventions to reduce the infection especially among rural Children through parents education and group treatment in the kindergartens seem likely lucrative.


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