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Maternal Knowledge and Attitude toward Exclusive Breastfeeding in Six Months after Birth in Shiraz, Iran


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 Background To develop the culture of Breastfeeding, it is needed to know the level of Maternal Knowledge. Hence, the aim of this study was to evaluate Maternal Knowledge and Attitude toward exclusive Breastfeeding in six months after birth in Shiraz, Iran. Materials and Methods This was a cross-sectional study carried out on mothers who referred to health centers. Four health centers were selected from four geographic areas of Shiraz city; finally, 201 mothers was selected and their demographic information and Knowledge and Attitude toward exclusive Breastfeeding were gathered through a researcher made questionnaire. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 14. 0. Results 201 mothers who were 18-45 years old were studied. 43% of them were 30-34 years old. 46% of Maternal education level was bachelor and Master of Science or more and 80% of them were housewives. Their level of Knowledge was low (69. 2%), moderate (11. 4%) and high (19. 4%) respectively. Regarding the level of Attitude 11. 4% of them were low, 15. 4% of them were moderate and the others were high. There was a significant relationship between Maternal Knowledge with parents’ education and infants’ nutrition (Breastfeeding) (P<0. 05). Also, there was a significant relationship between Maternal Knowledge and Attitude toward. Conclusion Although Maternal Attitude about exclusive Breastfeeding was good, but Maternal Knowledge about Breastfeeding was low. So, this problem leads them to initiate and continue Breastfeeding with serious challenges. Therefore, health policy makers should train mothers to improve their Knowledge for Breastfeeding promotion.



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