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Systematic review of pancreatic cancer epidemiology in Asia-Pacific Region: major patterns in GLOBACON 2012


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Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers with short-term survival rates. Trends for Pancreatic cancer incidence and mortality varied considerably in the world. To date, the causes of Pancreatic cancer are not known sufficiently, although certain Risk factors have been identified such as, smoking, obesity, life style, diabetes mellitus, alcohol, dietary factors and chronic pancreatitis. Since there are no current screening recommendations for Pancreatic cancer, primary prevention is very important. Therefore, up-to-date statistics on Pancreatic cancer occurrence and outcome are essential for the primary prevention of this disease. Due to the lack of information on Epidemiology of Pancreatic cancer in most Asian countries, and limited of statistics and registration system in this area, we conducted a systematic review study to evaluate the most recent data concerning Epidemiology of Pancreatic cancer in Asia-Pacific region. In this review we focused on collected recent data on incidence, mortality, survival and Risk factors of Pancreatic cancer in this region. In addition, we reviewed and used the data of GLOBOCAN 2012 in this paper to complete the information as a source of compiling Pancreatic cancer incidence and mortality rate.


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