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Factors affecting tourism industry in Boushehr province


Afrasibi Abdolrasoul


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 For Optimal utilization of infrastructure and inequality identify areas to develop tourism, it is essential to identify the areas of tourism infrastructure and rankings which can manage the tourists more effectively. Thus, the harmony between the number of tourists and tourism space capacity is essential. Although tourism has many advantages, but the arrival of tourists to a region or an area, regardless of the capacity and tension, will be followed by social disorder and economic problems, overcrowding, social identity, social resentment, damaging the environment, etc. So, in order to reduce and prevent the negative effects of tourism it must be programmed to determine the spatial distribution and organization of tourist areas. The present study will consider a series of selected indicators such as economic, social and cultural rights as effective factors in relation to development of tourism in the province. The information required for this study was gathered through distributing a questionnaire among the study population (sample of 90 members of the Tourism Authority (30), tourism (30) and the public (30). The results indicated that the monuments, diversity, exhibition, infrastructures for tourists, the way people deal with tourists, culture and tourism, and financial safety of tourists have significant effects on tourism is in the province.


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