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Sustainable rural tourism development with emphasis on the role of rural valuable textures using SWOT model (Case study: Simin village of Hamedan)


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Sustainable development of tourism is aimed to promote tourism and attract tourists to a region using available resources, such a way that can also respond to the needs of economic, cultural and legal norms and expectations of tourist unity and cultural identity, environmental health, economic balance, destination and their guests to ensure a balanced and continuous optimal level. Tourism development in villages with valuable historical and architectural fabric of the canvas are oriented, means actualizing the values of the architectural attractions of the village and its introduction as a tourism destination. In this case providing services and facilities and develop infrastructure for the visiting tourists and residents is essential. The aim of presenting this paper reviews the development of sustainable rural tourism through the preservation rural texture of using SWOT model. Based on studies, rural revival and renewal, strengthen the role of rural tourism and if rural tourism is the most appropriate planning and management, it Can creator or stimulus developed a process for achieving Sustainable development in rural areas and the tourism industry.


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