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The role of war tourism in countering the enemy's soft war Case Study of Ilam Operation Area




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 The War and the remaining works have territorial, psychological and social dimensions. It can be said that War is a scene of the epic, resistance and brave men of soldiers who have always enjoyed their homeland and their ideological attitude for the next generations and for a patriotic pattern and patronage of the motherland. War Tourism is a form of Tourism that experts in this area have placed it as a special Tourism and some adventurous. In Iran, War Tourism has a lot to do with what Tourism planners define, because the main battlefield of the enemies of this border after the Iraqi imposed War against Iran has entered into an aggressive range of its cultural and psychological reach, Supreme Leader is referred to as "cultural invasion" and sometimes "soft Warfare". Therefore, in a practical, analytical and descriptive study, the researcher studied the role of War Tourism in identifying the spirit of resistance, sacrifice and martyrdom in order to confront the soft Warfare of the enemy has been addressed. In this research, the statistical population of the Ilam Visitor Survey is randomly selected individuals. The sample size was 100 according to Cochran's formula. The SWOT analysis was carried out and its strategies determined, and ultimately, with the help of the IFE and EFE matrices, it became clear that in the development of War Tourism to deal with the soft War of the enemy, internal factors had weaknesses and the strengths of the external factors. Also, the strategy used in this research is an adaptive strategy that prioritizes these strategies using the QSPM method.


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