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Journal: علوم زمین
Year:1397 | Volume:28 | Issue:110
Start Page:109 | End Page:118



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Evaluation of shallow structure of Qeshm island by two dimensional rayleigh wave tomography using aftershocks of 27 Nov. 2005


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 The main purpose of this paper is studying sedimentary layer in the Qeshm Island. We use aftershocks of 27 Nov. 2005 Qeshm Island (Mb=6. 0), to perfume 2D tomography of Rayleigh waves. We have analyzed surface wave data for 856 aftershocks, consist 9821 waveforms. The dispersion curves are calculated in the period range between 0. 1 seconds and 10 seconds, which correspond to the shallow structures of uppermost crust including sedimentary layer. Surface wave tomography has also been performed to estimate the two-dimensional group velocity maps of Rayleigh waves in the region. The isolated surface wave fundamental modes by Herman and group velocities dispersion curves obtained by it, using Yanovskaya-Ditmar linear inversion method for estimation of 2D tomography maps. Based on the ray coverage, the area divided into cells with dimension 1 Km ×1 Km. in every cell and for distinct periods the velocities were calculated. The minimum dimension of distinct heterogeneities estimated as about 3 km. Low-velocity anomalies in tomography maps can be related to the accumulation of salt plugs and some soft sediment in the area. In periods up to 4 sec, which related to shallower depths, a distinct lineation observed that may relate to a fault. It seems that this fault has cut off the sediments. Into the deeper sediment, this fault disappeared which means the sediments were softer and unbreakable.


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